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A successful businessperson must constantly improve their skills to stay competitive. SAP BW training courses are perfect for professionals looking to improve their skills. The courses we offer have helped many people advance in their SAP careers. We can help you do the same by joining our program.

SAP Business Intelligence (BI) is essential for working with data and creating reports. If you learn SAP BI, you can understand and use data better. This is helpful for making reports using data from different sources.

So, what is SAP BW?

It’s a course that teaches you how to turn data into useful information. People who take this course learn how to use business data to make smart decisions. One of the most helpful things about learning SAP BW is that it helps you reach quick, well-informed decisions, which is very beneficial for you and your company. Right now, it’s one of the top tools for business reports.

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What Will You Learn in the Business Warehouse (BI/BW)?

  • Overview & Concepts
  • Overview of SAP R/3
  • Necessity of SAP BW & Version of
  • Data Ware Housing Concepts
  • Landscape of SAP BW
  • Integration of BW system with
    different systems
  • ERM, MDM, Star Schema & Extended
    Star Schema
  • Info Area, Info Object Catalogs
  • Characteristics
  • Key Figures-Cumulative & Non
  • PSA- Data sources
  • ODS- Info Cubes
    • Types of Info Cubes
  • Master Data – Attributes, Texts,
  • Transaction data-Delta data loading
  • Scheduling in background
  • PSA-Processing Types
  • Monitoring & scheduling data loading
  • Scheduling the jobs on periodic values
  • Cancellation & Deleting the back-ground
  • Transaction data-Delta data loading
  • Bi Concepts & Overview
  • Modeling: Data warehousing workbench
  • Components of data warehousing
  • InfoObjects, data source,
  • Types of DSO’s , Data Source Repository
  • Migration of 3.X data sources
  • Data Loading – Master Data &
    Transactional Data
  • Concepts of Transformation & Its Types
  • Controlling the data-flow with
    Infopackages (IP)& Data Transfer
    Process (DTP)
  • Semantically Partitioned object
  • Hybrid Providers
  • Data Loading into DSO &InfoCubes
  • Standard –Direct DSO –Write Optimized
  • Important of business Content
  • Business Content Installation &
  • Business Content Data Source, DSO’s,
    Cubes, Reports, etc…

Important of Metadata Repository

  • Flat file & LO Extraction
  • Generic Extraction & Generic Delta
  • DB Connect
  • Business Content Extraction
  • Data source Enhancement
  • Types of Process Chains
  • Process Groups & Meta Chain
  • Introduction of BEx Query
  • Filters, Columns & Rows
  • Characteristic Restrictions & Free
  • Formulas & Calculated Key Figures
  • Creating Web Templates
  • Web Item & properties
  • Drop-down Functions
  • Condition & Integration
  • Introduction to BExAnalyzer
  • Filtering Option
  • Properties Available in Analyzer
  • Creating Reports
  • Formatting columns & Rows
  • Changing font styles with background
  • Inserting Rows & columns
  • Analysis process Designer summary
  • Remodeling / Repartitioning
  • Open Hub Destination
  • Infoset
  • Multiprovider
  • Creating error DTP’s
  • Error Stack