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Our SAP sales and distribution (SD) training is a crucial tool for enhancing professional skills in today’s ever-changing business landscape. Aimed at those aspiring to elevate their careers, this course is an integral component of the logistics module. It equips professionals with the necessary skills to effectively integrate with customer processes. Upon completion, participants will have mastered the competencies needed to excel in the demanding professional world.

Who Should Enroll in This Course?

Our SAP sales and distribution certification course is designed for a wide range of professionals looking to stay updated with the latest SAP knowledge. This course is particularly beneficial for:

  • SAP end users and those aspiring to become CRM and SAP SD consultants.
  • Business analysts in the IT industry seeking to enhance their SAP skills.
  • Members of project management teams who want to gain deeper industry insights.
  • Sales and marketing professionals looking to integrate SAP knowledge into their expertise.

This course has been developed with the evolving needs of these professionals in mind, aiming to shape their careers with the most current and relevant information.

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What Will You Learn in the SAP SD Module?

  • Processes in Sales and Distribution
    (O2C and pre-sales activities)
  • SAP structure and SD Components:
  • Sales Organization: Structure,
    contents, creation and assignment
  • Basics in SD: Transactions and
    Master data
  • Sales Document structure
  • Shipping and Logistic Execution
  • Pricing and Billing
  • Overview: Supply Chain Process and
    how SD fits
  • SD and FI (Finance): Relationship,
    integration points
  • SD and MM (Materials Management):
    Relationship, integration points
  • Sales Order processing from the SAP
    point of view
  • Sales Order generation: Background/
    invisible processes
  • Master Data: Customer master, Material
    Master & CMIR
  • SD Document Flow: Copy control
  • SD Document Changes and Blocks
  • Objectives and importance
  • Function and process
  • Organization units and their assignments
  • Logistic Execution Organization units
  • Sales document type: standard order
  • Overview: Item Category functionality
  • Item Category determination and
  • Item Category creation; linking to
    customized Sales Document Types
  • Incompletion Log:
    customization and controlling
  • Listing and Exclusion
  • Bills Of Material and Item
    category Group
  • Material Determination
  • Overview: What is it?
  • Partner functions in the sales process.
  • Customer Master and Account Group
  • Role of Partner function per Account
  • Procedure: Partner determination
  • Understanding the purpose
  • Sales Document Types
  • Outline Agreement scheduling
  • Open Outline Agreements: Messages
  • Quantity contracts
  • Contract data activation
  • Dates in Contract Agreements
  • Rental contracts
  • Value contracts
  • Item Category customization in the Value
  • Partner release authorization
  • Overview: Understanding the concept
  • Master Data
  • Calculation Rule
  • Conditions
  • Customizing
  • Overview: Concept and Condition Master
  • Item level, Header Level and Statistical
    Level Condition type
  • Discounts and Surcharge
  • Pricing determination
  • Customer Pricing Procedure and
    Document Pricing Procedure
  • Credit Control Area
  • Credit Check
  • Simple Credit Check
  • Automatic Credit Check
  • Credit groups and Risk Category
  • Overview – Billing Types
  • Revenue Account
  • SD-FI Integration
  • Credit Memo
  • Debit Memo
  • Invoice Cancellation
  • Outbound Delivery Process
  • Delivery Types
  • Picking & Post Goods Issue
  • Shipping Point