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SAP internships

Master the Art of SAP Implementation: Become a Complete Consultant

We implement SAP is no walk in the park. It demands a structured, disciplined approach, and that’s where GGT comes in. Our seasoned SAP consultants and architects, trained in the SAP AG Accelerated SAP (ASAP) methodology, guide you through the entire process, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

We believe in hands-on learning. Our program is built around a 5-phase, milestone-based approach, where you’ll gain practical experience in each crucial stage. Each phase, lasting at least a month, immerses you in real-world scenarios, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle any SAP project.

Forget shortcuts. Our complete training program provides the foundation for a successful career as a full-fledged SAP consultant. Join us and unlock your potential in the world of enterprise technology.

SAP Implementation Training Summary

A. The Requirement Gathering Phase

Analyze the SAP implementation needs of the client.


    • Read the project details we provided.

    • Act like an SAP Consultant, discuss requirements with a trainer.

    • Prepare AS IS documents and workflow diagrams.

    • Consider integration with other SAP modules.

B. The blueprint phase

Create a detailed plan (Business Blueprint) based on the initial requirements.


    • Once the AS IS documents have been approved, start the process.

    • Clear up any doubts raised during the Requirements phase.

    • Document and refine business processes compared to SAP standards.

    • Prepare and refine the blueprint documents.

C. The Realisation Phase

Convert the blueprint into a functional SAP system.


    • Write and get approval for Functional Specifications.

    • Work with an SAP ABAP consultant to build the system.

    • Configure the SAP system and map processes.

    • Document your configuration for trainer review.

D. Integration Testing Phase

Test if the SAP system works as intended.


    • After system configuration, proceed to Integration Testing.

    • Write and execute test scenarios and cases.

    • Your trainer reviews and approves the testing process.

E. Project Prep and Cutover Phase

Ensure the client is ready to use the SAP system.


    • Review all phases before final approval.

    • Prepare training documents for Super User Training as part of the Train-The-Trainer program.

    • Wait for a Go/No-Go decision from your trainer.